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Hi. I'm Mike Gold of Bay Area Guitar Repair and Sound Service.


Instruments and the music they make has been my vocation for just about twenty years.

Need a stainless steel refret on your Strat or banjo? I've done more stainless steel refrets than any other luthier in the bay area.


Starting with Ken Parker's futuristic looking high-tech "Fly" guitars, a few manufacturers have been using stainless frets for a while. There is a huge advantage to building with stainless frets as opposed to retrofittiing or refretting. I was among the first luthiers in the nation to embrace it's use for refretting. Come on down and play my guitars. You'll wonder where those frets have been your entire life!

Need a neck reset on your vintage Martin? First working in final assembly at Taylor Guitars in San Diego, then working at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, CA as shop foreman for eleven years, I've set well over a thousand neck angles and my fretwork will make your Martin, Gibson, Fender and so on play better than when they originally left the factory on the way to your local music retailer or virtual store. They don't spend a whole lot of time dialing in action at the factory. They've got to get them out the door! Also, most folks in the know and have been playing for a while have their favorite luthier (ME!) adjust things so that it's just right for you and your playing style. When doing setup work it is anything but one size fits all. Feel free to call me to discuss how we might tweak your guitar more to your liking. A little time talking about your needs, a little time on the bench and Viola! The guitar that had formely been a problem child (not behaving the way you would like) is now reliable and obediant. YES! in some instances, it's just like that : )

Need some wiring work done on your electric guitar? Swapping pickups? There are many things to consider.
I'd be happy to assist you in your tone quest. I've been at this for almost twenty years and I've seen and heard just about all the possibilities you might be considering. I can help you sift through advertising mojo and hype. I'll give you a realistic impression of what effect the changes you want to make will have on your sound.

Need to amplify your acoustic? I've got what you need ready to install.
I'll set you up with a rig that will get the job done within your budget. I'll turn it around quickly, so you never have to skip a beat.

Give me a call today. I'll do my best to get you and your axe dialed in.
Mike Gold

not willing to take my word for it?
i don't blame you. check out my reviews on Yelp!

Guitar and Bass History
Gibson Guitar LogoGibson is sold in January 1986 to Henry Juszkiewicz and David Berryman.

I work on Guitars, Basses (Upright and Electric), Mandolins, even Banjos if I HAVE to!
Just about any instrument with strings.
Serving The Entire San Francisco Bay Area
Since 1994

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